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The College Application Experience Part 2

The fun continues! Last October I blogged Part 1 of the application process.  Fast forward to April and it could still be a full time job, not for applying to colleges, but this is when the scholarship deadlines are approaching.  While Jack is 18 and very responsible, he still needs our help.  The majority require essays and each has a different essay prompt and he takes care of that, but concerning our finances, he needs our help.  Some need to know what you had for breakfast (just kidding, it just seems that way) and for some, the deadline has come and gone.. others will need us to run a credit check.  I get why, don’t get me wrong. It just is a lot!

Our excel spreadsheet I created last semester to keep us organized is getting tattered.  The terms user id and password make me want to pull my hair out.  AND then the acronym FAFSA will also make you feel faint upon hearing.  We thought we had it completed only to find out we needed a 1040X to upload with the 1040 and 2016 tax transcript and so on.  You get the drift.

Maybe it is not really about the application process or the scholarship deadlines after all.  Selfishly, the scholarships truly benefit me and Brett when it comes down to it.  I think what makes it blog worthy is the approaching finality of it all.  I will miss the process and the deadlines.  (until we start Kiki’s!) I read a great article yesterday.

“It’s not death. And it’s not a tragedy. But it’s not nothing either…” (insert broken heart) -Beverly Beckham

It is something and most go through it. It is a part of parenthood, and I know that.  Friends understand, parents of 2018 Seniors understand, and sometimes it just helps me to write about it!

It’s not a death. And it’s not a tragedy.

But it’s not nothing, either.

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