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#MyCorsicana throw back to January 2017- Love this town!

Although I do not like hearing or seeing myself in a video, I am taking one for the team and re-posting this video I did two years ago in Downtown Corsicana. We are the only town in Texas in the running for The Small Business Revolution's Season 4 of 'Main Street'! WE are super excited!! Even since videoing this in January of 2017, so many great people have helped make a lot of great things happen here. Amanda Popken helped us with our Pop UP Event in April 2017, and it was a huge success. We now have Mimosas at the Market once a month, Kyle Hobratschk's art house, @100w_coriscana, more new restaurants, coffee shops with extended hours and so much more!

Brett's buddy from Dallas said a few years ago, "I love coming down here- I can feel my heart rate slow down as soon as I pull in town." Everyone can help us out! Vote by texting 'Corsicana' to 55222!! #mainstreetcorsicana #mycorsicana #smallbusinessrevolution #shopcorsicana

Click here to read about our hidden treasure: The Capehart Communications Collection

Click here to read Paper City article about our Restored Art Treasure - 100 West

Click here to read excerpt from Candy's Dirt on a restored colonial home (home is not on the market)

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