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Live, Laugh - Love your Fingers!

So.... in the wee hours of the first day of the New Year, we received that phone call that no parent ever wants to hear. "There has been an accident!" My three children were all together at the farm with their close friends bringing in the new year. Our first call: the boom of distant fireworks scared Kiki's Golden Retriever into the woods and he would remain missing for 3 more days!

The next call: Jack is on his way to the ER! Mind you, Jack is a pretty intelligent kid, but even smart, young adults make stupid decisions. He held a mortar tube in his hand, lit the firework, and before the others' eyes, it exploded in his hand.

By ambulance, he and I headed to Medical City Plano where we would spend the next two days. His first surgery left him in an external fixator. The burns were not as severe as once believed so that was good news. Here is the take away. Jack cannot take back that crazy decision but he does have a new mission. Leave the fireworks to the professionals. His hope is that younger children may learn from his accident. While waiting for surgery, we realized the what ifs and what could've been... it could have killed him, blown off his hand/fingers, punctured his lungs and more.

He had his second surgery with a hand specialist from Baylor where they removed the external fixator and added 2 plates. (We are grateful for Dr. Kent Rogers and his staff for the quick referral). Jack has a long haul ahead, but we thank God for every blessing. He is alive, his burns aren't so bad,, and therapy should help him in time to use his hand and fingers again. Again thanks to God!

Leave it to the professionals. Don't detonate!

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