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Largest Communications Collection Right here in Corsicana! #mycorsicana

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Update: they will be actioning the collection soon

Mr. and Mrs. Capehart are delightful and longtime residents of Corsicana.  They settled here in the mid-80s after Mr. Don Capehart retired from Western Electric.  Throughout his career, most of his 28 years of it spent at Western Electric, he has collected significant items relating to the telecom industry.  He is now in his 70s, and since his retirement, has collected such items as small town switchboards, switchboards used in WWI and WWII, rapid deployment switchboard shelters for remote wartime placement, wall phones from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, phone booths, phone booths that are also reinforced as bomb shelters.  This was no furniture collection, this was an amazing, massive, one of a kind historical telecommunication collection that needs a new home, a much larger one.

By the way, The Capehart Collection has already been toured in 2011 by the American Pickers, who managed to talk Don out of a few items, a visit and segment from the  Texas Back country reporter, as well as many newspaper articles, including the Daily Sun in 2015.

Check em out.

Their mission: we wish to preserve and interpret as fully as possible the history of the American Civil War and the people involved – North and South, men and women, children and adults, leaders and common citizens; and through the Museum’s Western Art collection preserve and interpret art which depicts either the historic or modern American West.  Staff and volunteers are dedicated to the visitor experience and committed to excellence in every aspect of its educational programs and collections management.  To this end, we aim to serve a diverse public through a dynamic, innovative, and welcoming facility.

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