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I am an Ikea newcomer, novice, trainee!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is my church’s annual United Methodist Fundraiser that includes a silent auction.  Staging by Judith’s owner Judith Steeley offered her staging services in the silent auction.  I was the lucky winner.  Fast forward to Wednesday and she spent more time than I deserved helping me rejuvenate my ‘old stuff’.  By helping me rearrange, declutter and redecorate, I feel rejuvenated myself! With a plethora of teenagers in and out everyday, we focused on fluffing my hand me downs rather than making new purchases. (plus money is always a factor). She told me where to go in Corsicana to get new foam for my couch pillows to prolong its life! Everything in my home except 3 pieces once belonged to someone else.  Which I am grateful for, don’t get me wrong, but at 47 I need a change.  21 years is along time of sameness…

So this brings me to Ikea. Judith helped me make a list of some inexpensive fixes that would help me create a new style. She and her husband met me and my mom at the store yesterday.  Where do I begin.  Had I not met up with an expert, I might have turned around and walked out.  This massive store was overwhelming and yet I felt like a kid in a candy store.  She showed us the ropes.  This store was not easy to navigate for this newbie!!

Our main objective is to find inexpensive ways to create storage for my family of 5 and soften the look.  I definitely upset the guys in my family by removing the mounted deer and duck from my living room!  I still have along way to go, but boy do I appreciate the jump start from Judith and discovering Ikea first hand.

I will add storage bins to this table.

This precious utility cart is on my list too. We can put spices, bananas, bread etc and roll it from pantry to kitchen save counter space!

We are shortening the legs and this is my new coffee table that can store blankets etc.

Last minute find, decorative cans to store our cat and dog food!

Thank you again Judith and Mike Steeley.  This Ikea newbie is now addicted!

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