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How about those "Lakers"!?

I wonder how many of you have heard the term “Lakers”. It’s not a basketball team but a group of dear people who have adopted this name for themselves. Most of these folks have moved into our communities quietly, but with more influence than they will ever know. They eat at our restaurants, shop at our grocery stores, tackle home improvement projects from our local suppliers, grow their gardens, fish with the grandchildren, bring amazing experiences to our Sunday school class, watch our children's sporting events, join our committees, community events, and clubs. Our church has been blessed with a few families, “Laker” families, that I would love to highlight as a true blessing in my life.

You won't run into them walking their dogs down your street because they don’t live inside the city limits, but I know in their hearts they are very much a part of this community. They each have a different story for ending up in Navarro County… and I know that I am one of many that will forever be grateful that their path led them here, to us!

In my case, most of these Lakers come in the form of retired or semi-retired husband and wife teams. (Several have last names that I could not spell if you paid me:) They are dynamic, high energy duos that inspire me to be a better wife, a better mom, and a better Christian.

When my daughter was playing on the CHS volleyball team, we could count on one great couple to show up to most of the home games. They were almost as excited as I was to cheer for the team. They had followed their own children through their sports and were not ready to give it up. I was humbled by their involvement and they have become dear friends of our family.

Another great example is a retired military couple, who graced us for many years in our Sunday school class. He loved to fish and garden and talk politics and faith. My husband loved “the Colonel” and would be greeted every Sunday morning at worship practice. He would walk in and say hello to the band and everyone loved his smile and his joyous heart. Our local Rotary club was his passion and his leadership there will be sorely missed. His wife was equally active in our community teaching the youth and teaching yoga at the church and at the YMCA. They traveled together and would share their tales of fishing in Alaska and many other wonderful stories. Truly an inspiration to us all.

I will mention one more couple whose involvement has been tremendous in our church as well as in our family. They have become regulars at our little contemporary worship service. They have been in our homes and in our lives for many years now. He helped to start the security team in our church and can be seen regularly greeting members and keeping an eye on the doors and parking lot. She helps with our Club UMC, UMW, Fall Bazaar, the Hope Center and on and on!

More and more have joined our 'family' over the past year. WE ARE SO LUCKY! Thank you to our "Lakers"!

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