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Anticipation, Apprehension, Hope! Dance night is almost here!

For many months now a lot of dedicated Corsicanans have been working tirelessly for one night of fundraising and fun:  Dancing for Our Stars!  One has to see it to believe it. Graphic artists, sound techs, light techs, event planners, make up artists, judges, board members…the list goes on and on, make this all come together!  I would be remiss if I did not mention Terri Mitchell and Diana/Adelaide Castillo (choreographers) by name.  They have given up much of their lives this fall and winter to help with this event.

At our first dance practice on the actual dance floor of the Cook Center, I was ever so interested in the scaffolding lift the light & sound techs, and decorators use to reach the very high ceiling of the Cook Center!!  (My fear of heights is why I was so enamored with this lift!)  Many hours have been spent by 14 dancers, volunteers, and Navarro employees to make this night spectacular.

Then the phone call from my sister on Sunday the 4th made time stand still. My dad, my hero was at the ER and a very sick man.  He was in congestive heart failure and for the next 3 days nothing else mattered except seeing my daddy feel better and laugh again. After many prayers, 2 stents for his birthday, and great doctors, he is coming home today! Dress Rehearsal Day!  I can ‘dance’ again! I would have danced anyway, but my heart is happy because his heart is pumping and God is good.

Good news for the College, the event sold out quickly.  Please click here if you like to watch it live stream Saturday night.  That is how I watched it last year!  Just scroll down to the bottom for the live stream icon. Vote today or Saturday night, for any couple! It all goes back to the students that will get a chance to attend Navarro College thanks to your generosity.

PS. Hartley Young aka Dadada to many, was still trying to solicit votes for me on way to operating room.  He cracks me up!

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