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Am I really old enough to have teenagers?

Every February 6th and April 22nd, I have heard my parents say they still feel the same as they did when they were 20.  Now I am 47 and totally get what they are saying! I feel the same (except when I am sitting at the chiropractor)!  Brett is 50 now and I looked at him yesterday in his cute t shirt, jeans and ball cap on backward, and he DID not look 50!  When did this happen?!  How can we possibly have children in high school and preparing for college.  I filled out Jack’s lease application a few weeks ago for next fall and it hit me!  His address will not be 2009 Glenwood Circle much longer!

A lot of the inspiration for this blog started because I have been looking through old pictures and videos for Jack’s senior ad in the yearbook. (Kiki is right behind him, oh dear!)  Looking through the photo albums of my three children should make me super happy, and instead I found myself on the verge of tears, sad and happy tears!  We all hear how it happens in a blink of an eye… well it does!  Jack’s strong willed personality surfaced early!

Kiki has always been my happy little girl!

And this one of Sam at Jack’s first t ball party can make us laugh for hours.  I promise, she stayed under the water hose willingly.  No one was hurt in this video. haha.

My children were born before the days of Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat and I often wonder what that would have been like?.  I now use Facebook a lot for the its Timehop feature, so I can use it like a scrapbook.  What Brett and I enjoy the most as parents of ‘Big’ kids are the VIDEOS!!!  We have a lot of photos even before digital cameras and smartphones.  To all my friends with young children...VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO.  It does not necessarily have to be for the world to see but it will be for you always to watch and listen and appreciate!  I joke that when all 3 of  mine grow up to be fine adults I may write a book. I am nowhere ready to write a book, but if I do someday, my first chapter will mention videoing!  (Videos are how I know Brett and I are 50 and 47, respectively!)  We were so young!

Video the everyday, the mundane because it is the little things we as parents miss so very much!

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