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A family tradition...

Once upon a time, we did not have Pinterest at our disposal. Honestly, I am kinda ok with that because Pinterest makes makes me sweat and my blood pressure goes up, up and up! In other words, I am not crafty at all, but what I am is a traditionalist, especially at Christmas. So a long time ago we started a very simple Christmas tradition and it all began with my Pottery Barn tree skirt. Since my children were little and while decorating our real tree, we pile on the acrylic paint to their palms and fingers and make a handprint. (I think when we started, we used Sam's footprint:) The top of the skirt filled up years ago and now I am running out of room on the underneath too.

Jack, Kiki, and Sam have never complained about my quirky tree skirt and getting paint all over their hands. They know how much it means to me - it is kinda like a symbol - it kicks off our season of the celebration of Jesus's birth. And yes, that picture is from today 12/12, and make note, I don't have a single gift under the tree yet, but I do have their hand prints for 2019!

Please share your traditions!

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